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Our Mission

We are dedicated to one goal: delivering results that puts your company on the front lines in the world of advertising, accompanied by complete customer satisfaction.

About The Business

“Midwest Truck Advertising is a mid-west based company out of Des Moines, IA. We are this regions only Transit advertising company so you get the personal attention as you would with any local company. We specialize in Transit/Bus Advertising, 53’ Semi Trailers and all sizes of local box trucks as used by local delivery and vending companies.  We have a highly skilled dedicated Graphic Design Artist to ensure your message stands out from the crowd, and we proudly partner with LRI Graphics out of Grimes, IA to bring you the Highest Quality Graphics anywhere. If you would like to chat about how our team can propel your Brand forward I want you to call in to any of our friendly Marketing Consultants, or contact me directly.”
– Jeff Lamb, President & Co-Founder, M.T.A.

We started Midwest Truck Advertising in 2016. Todays high information, extremely cluttered, interruption advertising lead us to see a gap in the industry. More people are on the road than ever before, and many of the already existing forms of media are limited and costly.

We wanted to start a clean, effective, expansive, and easier way for brands to get their name in front of every type of customer imaginable. Not everyone has access to radio, tv, or the internet; and few read local newspaper anymore. But over 87% of all americans drive, every single day.

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